Kim loves to speak and write about important topics. Utilizing her gifts, Kim hopes to channel inspiration and healing and help spread some light. Empowering others to create an authentic life, doing what you love, is the ultimate goal. To contact Kim, email

Check out her online courses and books. If you have a question, after reading her book or taking a course, Kim offers Ask a Question. (fee is waived if you have already taken one of her courses). Topics include: Relationships, life purpose, parenting, social and emotional learning, mental health and healing.

Ask a Question/Email Only

For the Ask a Question Session, this is consulting via E-mail only. To prepare, think about the concern/question and write down as much detail and background information you feel is relevant or necessary to know. Then e-mail Kim with your question at After reading your e-mail and connecting with you intuitively, Kim will respond within 72 hours. ***PLEASE NOTE: this fee is waived if you have purchased a COURSE.