It is OUR business

Our compassion with each other is always our business. How many times have you witnessed an interaction/event and you cried inside? You wanted to say something but you were taught to mind your own business. Many of us have felt that way, one time or another. Many years ago I read a book which talked about the importance of speaking up when you see an injustice! I never forgot it and it changed the way I sometimes interact with others. I have also learned by trial and error that approaching others with love and compassion is much more effective. It opens the door to healing, understanding, change and others are less defensive. The message was not heard when I came at someone with anger. Today, because of the delicacy of the situation I was observing, I decided to try a different tactic. I sat and quietly sent the family love. Did it make a difference? I don’t know. I do know that the situation was eventually resolved and I felt at peace that I did something.
It is not easy when we see a child/animal/person being harmed in some small way. But as a family member in this human race, I always have a choice in how love is shared.

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The Soulmate’s Path

Take care of yourself during these times

When I find myself reading the news, listening to the news, going on social media, I find myself irritable, hyper, overwhelmed and sad. When I decide to slow down and get quiet, tears are released and the pain is felt. During these times, I remember that I need to get back to basics, it’s survival mode. So I remove the news from my life because frankly, miracles happen every single day but we rarely hear about them! So I go back to living my life, appreciating all that I have, filling myself up with things that bring me joy and, as some would say, I put my head right back into the sand. But I don’t feel my head is REALLY in the sand. Because for me, I sit back, get quiet and I imagine the earth in my hands and I send the earth and all its creatures love. That’s how I contribute, keep sane and shift my focus. When things get too overwhelming we always have the choice of where we want to direct our energy. That’s what works for me. Do what you feel called to do but do take good care of yourself and remember love is the greatest mover of all.

Find your people

If you feel uncomfortable and not really accepted in a group you are a part of, you may just not be with your people. I have felt like an outcast, not a part of, for most of my life. Sure, some of that has to do with self esteem and confidence and doing the work it takes to learn how to celebrate YOU. However, if you find yourself feeling like you need to change, make yourself smaller, diminish your light, step back, you may just not be surrounding yourself with people who get you and celebrate you. Oh sure, conflicts happen in any group. But I know I am with my people when I feel totally accepted, faults and all. I know I am with my people when I am fully encouraged to be 100% who I am and who I wish to be. I know I am with my people when I am heard and listened to. I apologize less and get excited more! Life is so much more fun when we are surrounded by and embraced by our people.


Use the anger

Anger channeled appropriately is one of the most powerful forces out there! Many times in my life, I have found myself hitting a brick wall. I have felt lost, impatient, and righteously pissed off. Some of those times, I have remembered to take that anger and flip it. Alone, I might find myself screaming “Enough, this is unacceptable….” And as I continue to rant about what I don’t want and do not accept anymore, I flip it and affirm what I now accept for myself. This powerful feeling state in the affirmative can move mountains. I use that energy and, using my imagination and words, I pretend I already have it. These have been the most powerful times in my life and magnificent and life changing experiences have been the result. We are going to get angry. Channel it so that you feel empowered, not powerless. Create magic today.


Drama…or love?

I once took a graduate course in Public Speaking. I remember a woman in my class going up to the podium to present her topic. And I remember her getting very quiet…she froze. You know…the kind of fear based blank out you can experience in front of a large audience?

I have had my moments, depending on where I was in my life. But in that one moment, I imagined all of the knowledge she needed coming from above and going right into her head. I did that for a moment and then all of a sudden she started to speak. She ended up doing a great job in her presentation! When she finished, she walked down the isle and paused in front of me and this is what she said. “Thank you. When I looked up and saw you, all of a sudden, I was fine.”

In any situation, we can bring drama energy or love energy. Which one do you want to bring? In an earlier blog, I spoke of all of the division people are helping to create by snapping and posting photos, videos to social media. What kind of planet do you want to be a part of? One that brings connection, love, peace or one that is full of division, fear, chaos? Be, share, send the kind of energy you wish for yourself and for your planet.

Stop dividing each other! Enough!

Every day, it seems there is a person who catches another doing something wrong and posts it on social media. They don’t even consider going to the individual and having a crucial conversation about it, where healing and understanding can happen. Honestly, I cannot even imagine growing up in this day and age. The mistakes I made!! How horrible it would have been to have someone catch me in my “moment” and have it plastered online where it was implanted in the brains of others for all of eternity! Seriously, can any one of us claim we are perfect? We are not so different and most are truly doing the best they can, with what they have. You have not walked in their shoes.

Social media happened. But don’t let it turn you into a coward, a person who sits behind a screen and sends drama, chaos and division into the field…and wrecks lives. Stop and pause…and ask one simple question: What would love do now?