Baby steps

I will never forget feeling the call to move very far away. I was in my twenties at the time and for as long as I could remember, I struggled with finding my place in the world. I remember thinking that moving to this city would open a whole new world for me. I wanted a very diverse experience and this city had everything I wanted so I heeded the call.

I decided to travel there first and get my bearings, considering employment and travel. However, a couple of days after I arrived, I was stunned to discover that I panicked. All of a sudden I was overwhelmed with depression and fear. Everything was so different, a whole new world to discover, and I froze. The reality of it left me paralyzed and I started to beat myself up, disgusted by my weakness.

Thankfully, I called a friend who encouraged me to accept exactly how I felt and not make it wrong. We are often hard on ourselves, pushing, pushing to be stronger, better. I will always be thankful and remember her fondly for her kindness and wisdom. Marcia allowed me to be where I was at emotionally and her guidance changed the course of my life.

She suggested taking a baby step and had a great idea! A couple of months later, I moved to a city, similar to the one I visited but within my current state, and I went my way.

I discovered that moving to that big city across the country would not have been right for me at that time. There were unexpected changes months later that confirmed I made the right decision and I was forever grateful!

Its ok to be afraid. We don’t have to do anything. But if the nudge is strong, sometimes a baby step, or a more simple plan is all we need.

Accept and trust your inner messages.

Go easy.


Feeling unworthy

Many of us spend a lifetime feeling unworthy. We may feel we have come far in our life, worked through many difficulties, succeeded in much and are actively trying to create the life we deserve…and then we dig a little more and realize we have much more to do. Maybe there are still feelings of shame, guilt, fear. Maybe they creep up on us suddenly and we realize that fear is the most comfortable feeling we know! It is so familiar, like an old worn out blanket.

If struggles continue to happen even when you are actively trying to manifest what you want, one reason might be that deep down you feel that you don’t deserve it.

I was given great advice once from two different sources and one day it clicked.

Find an old picture of you when you were totally happy, innocent and filled with love. Look for a picture that reminds you of the love and sweetness and joy that you are. Find a picture of you that makes you smile when you see it. I truly believe that our true essence is love but it can get buried along the way in the hard task of navigating through this thing called life. So once you have your picture, focus on it regularly…focus on the light that you are. As you focus on this light, it will grow and expand expelling that darkness.

This exercise is so healing and a reminder of our worth . . . just because. We will slip, we will fall, but we will better accept and appreciate ourselves and recognize our worth. When we feel worthy, the sky is the limit.

You are worthy.

Take pause…and feel

For some of us, dealing with anxiety and/or depression has been a roller coaster ride for much of our lives. We are up, we are down. We are on, we are off. When we feel good we want to hang onto those feelings and never let them go, sometimes to our own detriment. I mean can you blame us? Feeling good feels good and we don’t want it to end. When we feel that darkness starting to creep in, we ignore it. We may start to use some tools we know of to get back on track and we push forward. And then one day we pause. We may look over at our senior animal companion and feel immense sadness that they are changing…growing old and we cry. And with tears streaming down our faces we cry for all the change happening in our lives, in our world. We may cry because of pain, fear, sadness, joy. Whatever the reason, there is a freeing release. Depression/anxiety has been that gift for me.

Take time to acknowledge whatever feelings you have without judgment…and allow yourself the experience of having them. You will let them go when you are ready.


Brush off the dust….

For Texans, Spring is in the air. It is time to come out of hibernation and literally dust yourself off. Imagine, if you will, an accumulation of regret, sadness, pain, what-ifs floating around and in your space. Now imagine a beam of radiant love energy coming down into your head and into your body. Breathe it in. This love energy is pure potential. It is full of information, creativity and joy. As you breathe this energy in, on the exhale imagine this energy soaking up your whole body! Anything you no longer need, floats out into the nothingness from whence it came. Do this breath work slowly and at least 10 times. When complete, take your hand and dust off (brush off) any residual energy you no longer need. The earth then soaks it up and transforms this energy into something beautiful.

It’s your time.

It’s a magical time.

Pay attention to the synchronicities…the messages…life’s little nudges and sing your song, dance your dance, create your art, walk your path!

Get rid of the distractions

Stop blaming the world for not doing what you came here to do. Instead, empower yourself and let go of the distractions and reclaim those things that bring you joy, passion and an excitement for life. If not, you are doing a great disservice to yourself and those in your life.

Turning the corner…

Turning a corner never felt so invigorating! When you are in the dumps, turn to your support network. The more people holding intent for you, the stronger the energy is. As a wise soul recently shared with me, “it takes a village.”

See, feel, cry, embrace, forgive and let the shit go! Choose life and use your support network. The ONLY person being harmed (by hanging onto your shit) is you. Once you feel bathed and cleansed, turn that corner and declare “YES.”

As I share with my students, we are all a piece of the same puzzle. Your piece is needed and important to the whole. You came here to share your gifts – share them today.

Today I will seize the day. I will listen to the gentle nudges of the universe. I will declare that I am already whole, mind/body/soul. And as Louise Hay states: “I am safe in all ways and I trust the process of life.” Breathe this into your heart as you sing for joy, dance with the stars and embrace the totality of YOU!